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Mr. Townsend, "that on the day war was declared all the ships in Boston harbour displayed flags at half-mast, and at a meeting of the citizens resolutions were passed stating that the proposed invasion of Canada was unnecessary and would lead to connection with France, which would be destructive to American independence." "Quite so," said the Chief. "Our friends in New England have much to contend with in the foreign element that is creeping into the Democratic party—such as German socialists, refugees from t

ed to drive Britain


he Irish rebellion and of the French Revolution, who have little or no true patriotic spirit." "Imagine any of our neighbors at Woburn," interrupted Martin Eberts, "stooping to seduce the people of this or any other country from their allegiance, and conv

erting them into traitors, as a preparation for making them good American subjects. I hear," he continued, "that Eustis pointed out the advantage it would be to secure Canada, and said that it was a most opportune time while Britain had her whole force eng

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